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Ocean Cure is a 501c3 non-profit organization based out of Carolina Beach, NC. It is their mission to provide increased beach accessibility to our coast, and to help improve the quality of life for our participants through surfing.

For more than ten years they have served over a thousand participants and their families with a number of life challenges and disabilities through the use of beach wheel chairs, accessible flooring, and adaptive surf boards. There is no beach that we cannot make accessible. And we want to make sure that our participants leave understanding that there is no obstacle that they cannot overcome.

The organization utilizes a core group of trained volunteers and professional instructors to maximize the experience for all participants whether on land or in the water.

While their base remains in Carolina Beach, NC, one of the most handicap accessible boardwalks on the east coast, our teams often travel to assist in adaptive surf camps up and down the


607 N. Lake Park Blvd.
Carolina Beach, NC 28428
United States

T: (910) 431-0594